Touraine, the "Jardin de la France"

The quiet land of Touraine, earth of balance and contrasts and several times the capital of France, is crossed by the wild Loire. It will amaze you and surprise you, through its landscapes and its villages. At the bend of a small valley you might sometimes believe you have gone back in time, and could find yourself waiting to see one of these illustrious figures who have so beautifully shaped our land. At the crossroads of angevines and poitevines influences, you will love the diverse architecture of our monuments.





You will cross the path of Joan of Arc, Leonardo da Vinci and Charles VII. Besides our famous castles, you will visit the homes of Balzac, Ronsard and Rabelais whose name has become in itself a tribute to the art of eating and drinking. Finally, the visit would not be complete without mentioning the gastronomy. In addition to the famous goat cheese of Sainte-Maure, we cannot ignore the rillons, the Touraine's géline and the coq au vin, dishes that are inconceivable and incomplete without local wines that accompany them so well: Chinon, St Nicolas de Bourgueil, Saumur-Champigny and Vouvray.


If the past has left its mark in the environment with for example the troglodyte caves in Saumurois, our time has also had its impact on the landscape with various things such as the Futuroscope's park (near Poitiers) dedicated to image and technology in all sorts of ways.